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Professional coaching for clarity, motivation, wellness

and personal success.


Artist & Creative Coaching


Coaching for... Clarity. Growth. Resilience.


Identify your goals, clarify your values, and define your purpose.

Move fearlessly through life transitions.

Grow boldly into better habits.

Live with integrity.

Create joy.

Are you struggling to determine your next move? 
Could you use an unbiased sounding board to safely reflect? 
Do you need your own personal cheerleader?

We engage in collaborative conversation to identify your goals, and plan your path forward.
Let's connect, and discuss whether coaching could be the support you need right now!

Therapy Sessions

Monique has been amazing to work with. She made me feel comfortable when I opened up...also for focusing on moving forward with my goals. Monique has many strengths as coach. She is a very curious and non-judgmental person and has a genuine and positive style. ​I would definitely recommend Monique as she has been a great support for me during rough times.'

Munich, Germany

I was really in the life crossing where I was in a self-confusion phase of what I am truly after, and Monique showed up at exactly the right moment. Our session are like talking with a friend, when you can be fully transparent and without fear. She did not decide anything for me, or providing a solution to my question, instead, she coached me how to answer my own questions and what is truly in my heart. Through each conversation, I was able to navigate my path and at the same time, pick up self- confidence. If you are also like me, who try to understand herself and need someone to help in finding the path, Monique is definitely the best match!

Zurich, Switzerland

"I feel empowered and encouraged to finally deal with my emotions instead of indulging in pleasure to avoid my feelings of lonliness. I feel so much stronger after talking with you!

Thank you!"

Stockholm, Sweden

"After our first session I feel more relaxed, lighter and relieved. I felt light and calm, and I have more reinforcement of my ideas and believes. It felt good to share in the coaching space with Monique."

Lulea, Sweden

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