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What is transformative coaching?

Coaching is an effective tool for those who would like an added level of support and accountability in their journey for personal growth and success.


A life coach is a professional who is trained to offer social support, a kind listening ear, and a safe space for self exploration. A coach can help clients in a variety of ways, allowing you to: reflect on difficult situations and relationships, break bad habits, or create more good habits, identify road blocks, or solutions, towards your goals, create new patterns in line with your vision for your future. A life coach may help you to strengthen your relationship with yourself, find and listen to your inner voice, further  understand your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and to forge a path to your success.


As a coach, I hope to help you navigate and make lasting changes to your problematic behaviors, negative patterns, or unhealthy mindsets, and hold space to help you find a feeling of lasting peace and joy in your life. I do this by using a strengths based approach built on the tenants of positive psychology and transformative coaching.

How is a coach different from a therapist?

Unlike therapists, a coach does not provide any mental health diagnoses. They do not address the past in an attempt to heal traumas. I work collaboratively with you in conversation, to identify your strengths in the present in order to bring you into your best future, with practical skills and planning. In other words, therapists focus on “why” certain behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal and achieve personal success, whatever that looks like to you. While therapy is good for processing difficult emotions, coaching is good for getting clarity on what you want in your life. The process is practical and proactive. A coach can also help you understand if you should seek help from a therapist.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Any person looking to achieve greater success or happiness in life can benefit from having a coach. A coach provides a safe space for growth and reflection, as well as accountability and structure for your personal development and achieving your goals. 

What to expect from coaching?

Coaching is about maximizing your growth with the most autonomy.


A coach can help you to:

- learn the most effective ways to be able to help yourself throughout your life by identifying your strengths and values
- identify and achieve your personal and/or business goals
- identify and break negative pattern loops
- get support in accessing additional services for more problematic and disordered thoughts and behaviors

It means helping you to become your best self, whatever that means to you. If you're not sure yet, don't worry, we can work together to explore your values and core beliefs to identify what your ideal future would look like. What you're passionate about, what gets you excited, what sparks your creativity and energy, and what makes you smile from ear to ear :)

Are you curious? 

In a coaching or therapeutic relationship, trust and authenticity are integral. Speaking to a mental health professional should feel personal, genuine and comfortable. Oftentimes finding someone who “feels right” is a struggle and leaves us discouraged, especially if we are experiencing hard times. But having a professional life coach, that provides a supportive and safe environment with unconditional positive regard and inspires, can be completely life-changing for those who struggle with life direction, self-esteem, lack of motivation, or other mental health concerns like managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum, codependency, and addictions.

Talk with a non-biased person with whom you have a confidentiality agreement.

Get to know your true nature without fear of judgment or failure.

Experience unconditional positive regard and design the life you want.

Let's connect and chat about whether coaching is your next best move!

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