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About Reiki


Reiki is a wonderful accompanying alternative, holistic therapy used to address a variety of complaints and issues, both mental and physical. It is an ancient Japanese relaxation method that is recognized by Skatteverkett as a medical treatment, and it has no side effects.

Reiki therapy works by promoting relaxation and inducing a meditative state, which promotes self healing and lowers blood pressure.

Chi is an ancient term for the life force energy from which our being is formed. Each of our body tissues and organs operates at a different vibrational frequency. Interactions with different energies and different activities throughout our day modulate frequencies in various parts of our being. Positive and negative emotions and thoughts can also increase or decrease our vibrational frequency. When our energy fluctuates higher or lower than baseline in various energy centers, we experience symptoms in areas typically associated with those energy centers.


An attuned Reiki practitioner can encourage the movement of stagnant energy in the body with various hand placements. A Reiki practitioner functions as an energy channel or facilitator for the intelligent life force energy that flows all around us.

As many emotions may be triggered or released during a Reiki session, I use strengths based coaching as a complementary support service to engage with clients who are interested in furthering their personal growth and development, especially "finding your flow".

Reiki increases connectedness with people, yourself, and with a universal life force. In conjunction with Reiki sessions, I use elements of sound therapy to maximize your healing experience.

I currently offer Reiki in-person, both in a shorter, introductory format as well as one hour long sessions.

To learn more or to book a Reiki session, please reach out in the contact form below, or write to

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