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Hello, I'm Monique Znamiec.

I am an English-speaking transformative coach in the Stockholm area, focusing on coaching artist and creatives, as well as adults with ADHD.

I am a Southern California native, first generation Polish American with refugee parents, ex Italian resident, now residing in Stockholm, Sweden.
I am a magna cum laude bachelor of science in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Neuroscience from UC San Diego.

I have worked previously as a social worker for severely mentally handicapped adults and youth, and my postgraduate education includes addiction counseling and facilitating support groups.

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I now engage with clients individually in my coaching practice, using a strengths-based approach and a philosophy based on positive psychology (Seligman, 1998) and transformative coaching (Animas).  I also organize support groups for vulnerable populations via my non-profit endeavor, Zsoul Human Network.

We can meet for an in-person session in central Stockholm, at your preferred location.
Otherwise, coaching relationships have been shown to be equally effective in a virtual format using video calling.


More I am happy to share about myself...

As a case manager and peer support specialist for clients with severe and persistent mental illness, ranging from bipolar to paranoid schizophrenia, for the county of Chula Vista, San Diego, CA, I helped clients learn and practice skills that helped to alleviate symptoms and problematic behaviors and thinking, and to identify and execute personal goals using a strengths-based method (McCashen, 2005) . As a transitional age counselor in a residential treatment facility, I specialized in addiction and behavioral disorders, working toward a counseling certification from the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).

As a growth and digital strategy consultant, I have worked with entrepreneurs and start ups to grow their brands and communities via social media, email marketing, content writing, and web design and strategy. I have worked with C level executives and business owners to promote and gain members for their local peer advisory groups. 

In my personal life, I have had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries and have had the pleasure to get to know people in many positions of life, of different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. I love people, and the diversity of human beings. I love to hear about the endless variations of life experience, and experiences of radical change and transformation. Optimism, fearlessness and tenacity are learned skills that have allowed me to uncover my path and find my joy, and I would like to share that experience with others. 

I look forward to hearing from you!



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